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Introducing Our Customised Accounting Services For Owner-Managed Businesses

Customised Accounting Services for Owner Managed Businesses by Morley Chartered Professional Accountant

As you will have already gathered, we’re not like other accounting firms. We want you to have the freedom you’ve always dreamed your business would give you. We know that success and freedom in business comes from profits and growth and so we care about deeply about your financial performance and your growth. 

We have developed our Business Freedom Services to assist with the biggest challenges owner-managed businesses face during their lifecycle (from start-up through to growth and maturity). Please talk to us about how these services can help you. We are moving away from hourly billing as we feel that it doesn’t offer our clients any certainty as to the price of our services and it allows accountants to punish clients for the accountant’s tardiness and inefficiencies. We don’t think this is fair.

We will meet with you annually to discuss all the services you want us to provide for the upcoming year. We’ll discuss an all-in price for our compliance service plus any other freedom and growth services you may want. 

We offer three tiers of service to meet your business needs – our freedom essentials service that gives you what we feel is the essential minimum service required for your business to stay compliant; our freedom professional service, this is our most popular service as it gives you the essentials plus such things as unlimited calls with us and other services seasoned business owners regularly ask us for; and, our freedom premium service that is an extensive list of services to assist in your business growth and profitability and allows you to  improve your personal  freedom. We also offer a freedom lite service that is only for the first two years of a startup. 

We have several options for payment including a monthly payment plan, so you can manage your cash flow and you don’t have to wonder if we are charging by the minute for every phone call. We want to have a great firm – one that stands out in our competitive market as the go to firm for great service and fair pricing practices. But more importantly one that clients loved and never wanted to leave. And that’s the firm we have today. We have carefully crafted our freedom & growth services from our collective experience to provide you with the tools for your business to be successful and profitable, so you have the freedom to spend time with the people who mean the most to you, doing the things that make life worth living.

If you just want compliance services, we can of course do that for you (and we do it well – better than most, it has been said) but if you’re looking to grow a better business and achieve the freedom you thought you would have by owning your own business then that’s where we can REALLY help.

So, go ahead. Request your complementary meeting today. Enter your details in the form or phone us direct on 705-684-9600.

Thank you.

Our accounting firm caters to clients across Gravenhurst, Huntsville, Bracebridge, Rosseau, Dorset, Orillia, Barrie, Innisfil, and Parry Sound, ON.

What Our Clients Say

Of course we’re always going to tell you how wonderful we are! But we realise that’s just not good enough. That’s why we’ve assembled a number of comments from our clients, which should give you a real insight into how we work, how we treat our clients, what we do for them (day in, day out) and ultimately how we support them through the development of their owner-managed businesses...

Hello Theresa,
This is long overdue, but i just can't let another day go by without thanking you for the morning you spent with me straightening out our client billing situation. The change order and billing were a hit with the client and the format has provided for smoother billing and accounting ever since. Many thanks for your willingness to teach and train me!
Your association with Portico is welcome and appreciated.

Wayne Parker,
Portico Timber Frames Inc., Dorset, Ontario

Theresa has provided accounting services, strategic planning and business consulting to me and my company over the years. She is someone I trust with all of my most sensitive business matters. I greatly value her advice and services.

Tamara Champion Owner and Eco Enthusiast at 
Parenting By Nature, Orillia, Ontario

Theresa can quickly evaluate your business and add value to your bottom line. She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of business and accounting. She will assist you in establishing a business plan and a strategy for success. Theresa is a pleasure to work with and will go above and beyond to see your business succeed. testimonial

Susan Vangerven, Owner
Vangerven Bookkeeping Services, Gravenhurst , Ontario

I have known Theresa Morley, C.A., for several years, and am always impressed with her commitment to her clients. As a business and human resource management consultant, I often find myself in need of someone who can help my clients with accounting or financial needs. Theresa not only knows her stuff, but is able to explain complicated tax and financial matters in a way that is easy to understand. My clients have been more than happy with the services Theresa provides them. I will continue to recommend Theresa in the future. testimonial

Theresa Dowsett, MBA, CHRP, Licensed Paralegal
Owner, Workforce Acceleration, Barrie

Theresa Morley is a ‘no frills’ communicator. She is able to simplify complex accounting issues succinctly in a manner that makes them easy to digest. This saves me time and money.
I can always count on Theresa for the quality, timeliness and integrity of services offered by Morley Chartered Accountant testimonial

Cathy Guthrie, Founder and President
Company2Keep, Bracebridge

I have been extremely pleased with the services of Morley Accounting. They have always been a resource and support that we can count on - from providing tax filing compliance to bookkeeping assistance to helping us grow our business. They are there to help you achieve your goals  testimonial

Cathryn and Grant Willard, Owners
Two Guys Auto Service, Bracebridge

To see how you too can benefit from how we work with owner-managed businesses, simply watch the video on the right of this page and request your FREE no-obligation meeting by completing the form or call us on 705-684-9600.