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Track and monitor your monthly, quarterly and annual revenue and expenses and key account balances including your business bank and credit card balances, customer receivables and supplier payables and keep up to date on your government remittances (HST filing, source deductions, year end T4slips) with your custom designed Peace of Mind Bookkeeping Services

Too many businesses owners fail to achieve the freedom they thought they would get from owning their own business because they are too time starved to spend hours sorting and entering the data in a bookkeeping system and so they fail to keep up to date with their bookkeeping and they are shocked at year end when they see how much their expenses have grown. Too few customers and out of hand expenditures result in reduced cashflow and profitability and may even result in failure of the business. Often the business is using its Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Trust accounts (HST owing and Source deductions owing to prop up their cash flow) – this leads to an ever-increasing spiral of penalties and interest owing to CRA, leaving the business owner anxious and worried that the CRA will close them down.

Modern bookkeeping is not tracking your expenses in monthly folders and getting your accountant to add it all up at the year end. Modern bookkeeping is using bookkeeping programs like QuickBooks Online (QBO) with ever improving embedded AI to post your basic transactions in real time and an experienced professional bookkeeper to monitor and post your more complicated transactions, so you have the peace of mind that you are always on top of your business transactions and key account balances. This is the modern 21st Century way of monitoring your business and looking at what really matters in your business.

With your customised PEACEOFMINDBookkeeping, we do all the sorting and entering of date for you and you can use your valuable time monitoring your business activities making those small changes during the year that ensure you end the year profitable, And you have the key information in your bookkeeping system to plan changes for growth or to allow you to pivot when the economy changes.

Here's How It Works:

  1. We meet with you and your key staff one on one to ask a series of detailed and probing questions about your business – your current business structure, business start dates, what services you offer, who your customers are, how you invoice your customers, how you get paid, your banking arrangements, details of assets you own, who your suppliers are, how you pay your suppliers, any bank or third party loans. And, we’ll ask a series of probing questions about the deadlines associated with your business – payroll reporting, WSIB filings, HST remittances, year end tax filing and so on.
  2. We will then discuss how often you want the bookkeeping to be completed and how often you want to see financial information. We can make suggestions in this area from our experience with other similar clients.
  3. We then create a customized QuickBooks Online bookkeeping file for your business, and invite you to access you bookkeeping file. Once you have access to the QBO file you can logon at any time to monitor the progress of your bookkeeping and we will set up customised reports specially for the business owner.
  4. At this point we will discuss how best to receive your day-to-day transaction receipts. Today, there are many apps and resources to send your transactions receipts to your accountant easily and efficiently.
  5. We will ask you to connect your bank and credit card accounts to your QBO file. This connection needs to be reactivated every few weeks depending on your bank and we will let you know when this is required.
  6. Finally, we will establish a start date for your PEACEOFMINDBookkeeping Program.

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