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Tax. We all have to pay it. We all understand why we need to. The vast majority of us are prepared to pay our fair share. But fair is a subjective measure. How do you know that you are paying a ‘fair’ amount for you? How do you have the confidence of knowing that you are legal in your tax affairs but not paying a penny more than you consider to be ‘fair’ or necessary?

Through our TaxMinimizer program, that’s how. Tax planning isn’t just for the idle rich or the ‘morally corrupt’, as our politicians and media would have it. Anybody who runs a business, employs staff, has an income or has built up capital, has the opportunity to plan their tax affairs more effectively and more fairly. The key is to plan your affairs in such a way that they reflect your own circumstances, your attitude towards tax and your own needs. You can do this through our TaxMinimizer program.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We meet with you review and assess your financial picture today and your plans for tomorrow. We look at every area of tax that you currently pay or are liable to pay in the future. We talk about your attitude towards tax. Your perception of risk. We want to help you plan your tax affairs in a manner that leaves you totally at ease.
  2. Our main expertise is looking after your tax affairs in the long term. Sure, we could give you some quick fixes for now, but these will come back to bite you in the future and you don’t want that. We typically do two things:
    1. Make recommendations of areas where you can currently save tax. These will be specific actions and options, quantified for you so that you can decide, with our help, on any steps or changes you want to take.
    2. Continue to monitor your personal and business compliance, every year, in accordance with changing legislation and our understanding of your attitude towards tax so that you and your business remain tax-effective and tax-compliant.

This is not about grand schemes or exotic arrangements, it’s about understanding and using existing Canadian tax legislation properly to minimise your tax bills. The most effective steps to take are often the simplest. You don’t need to be wealthy. You don’t need to antagonise the tax man. You just need to want to cut your exposure to tax.

With planned and monitored tax affairs in place, specifically customised for you, a large obstacle to your business and personal wealth is removed.

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