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Monitor the health of your business with your custom designed MASTER CONTROL PANEL

Too many businesses owners fail to achieve the freedom they thought they would get from owning their own business because they are too time-starved to spend hours analysing and sorting their data and so things happen beneath the surface that they are not aware of until it’s too late.

With your customised MASTER CONTROL PANEL, you can run your business like you drive your car, with all the key information right there in front of you. Forget old fashioned management accounts, this is a unique and incisive way of looking at what really matters in your business.

Here’s the process...

  1. We meet with you and carry out a diagnostic of the information that you really need to know to successfully run and control your business for maximum profit. We’ll look at things like: sales and customer lead generation, direct costs, labour costs, sales and advertising costs, critical resources, cash flow - the information could be any or all of these. We will work with you to find the information that’s going to cut through your data to give you exactly what you need to measure the performance of your business
  2. We’ll work with your team to develop a plan for preparing this information and putting it together in a monthly report for you. There’s no baffling ratios or absurd accounting allocations - just clearly presented data and charts that say, “this is where you are” and “this is what’s going on”. You will get the key information and numbers that you need to successfully run a profitable business.

With your customised MASTER CONTROL PANEL in place, you can make key decisions from accurate meaningful business information giving you the freedom to do the things that matter to you.

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