Business Freedom & Growth Services

    • Business Decision MAP

    A tool for preparing a strategy to guide your decisions and their implementation to achieve the business of your dreams

    Running a successful business is all about setting a direction and making the right decisions to get there. Some decisions are so massive that you sit down and carefully plan them out. Do I buy those new offices? Should I invest in that equipment? But, in most cases, the decisions that ultimately will decide whether you succeed or fail are the ones that you take on a daily basis.


    • Business FutureSAFE program

    Guiding you into a successful life beyond your business

    What plans do you have for tomorrow? Do you intend to retire? Are you going to sell your business – maybe you’ve thought of handing over to your management team, so you can carry on in a reduced capacity? Is your management team up to speed enough to run the business or even buy it? Are you too busy to think about it? Too many questions? Well, here’s two more.


    • Business Master Control Panel

    Monitor the health of your business with your custom designed MASTER CONTROL PANEL

    Too many businesses owners fail to achieve the freedom they thought they would get from owning their own business because they are too time-starved to spend hours analysing and sorting their data and so things happen beneath the surface that they are not aware of until it’s too late.


    • Business TaxMinimizer

    Tax. We all have to pay it. We all understand why we need to. The vast majority of us are prepared to pay our fair share. But fair is a subjective measure. How do you know that you are paying a ‘fair’ amount for you? How do you have the confidence of knowing that you are legal in your tax affairs but not paying a penny more than you consider to be ‘fair’ or necessary?


    • Business Pricing Model

    Pricing the right way to build your dream business

    Business owners love to talk business – the interesting customers they have, the deals they get from their suppliers, other business owners who have innovative business ideas, their “aha” moments – but turn the subject to pricing and there’s a lot of ducking and diving. Why is that? This has always been a mystery to me because price is the key driver of profit and quite frankly if you want the freedom you thought owning your own business would give you, then you MUST HAVE PROFITS. So why is price not the hot topic of discussion at every business networking meeting?


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