What information should I bring to a meeting with a CPA?

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a) Information to bring to your first meeting with Morley CPA includes:

  • Contact information for all family members we are doing work for
  • Prior years tax returns – both personal and corporate
  • Any letters from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that you have received
  • Paperwork regarding your income or expenses for the year
  • For sole proprietors and corporations – your 9 digit Business Number, HST number and filing frequency
  • For corporations
    • your articles of incorporation
    • Information about the shareholders
    • Information about other companies in the group
  • Access to your accounting records

b) Questions to consider before meeting with Morley CPA

  • What are your current challenges
  • What keeps you awake at night
  • What is going well in the business
  • What services are you looking for and why.
  • The state and current status of your business books and records
  • What does success look like in 2-3 years time from your relationship with us
  • What is your budget for CPA services