Does it make sense to use a CPA to file my taxes?

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Yes, CPA’s are required to be up to date with the latest legislation. Also, since they work with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on a regular basis, they will be knowledgeable about CRA’s internal administrative policies.

At Morley CPA, we work with clients’ tax files all year long. We research and train on the new legislation twice a year and every time we come across a new tax challenge.

Often our clients think their tax return is simple, but we find that taxpayers can inadvertently fall offside with CRA because they don’t know the rules and CRA administrative requirements.

At Morley CPA , we find that a simple tax return is one where the taxpayer has a T4 and an RRSP contribution slip . As soon as the taxpayer has anything more than that – retirement income, rental income, investment income, spousal and child support issues, multiple family members, disability tax credits, sole proprietor income – their tax return becomes complicated.

At Morley CPA Professional Corporation, we have a great relationship with our neighbourhood H&R Block office and will send a potential client to them if the return is simple.